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Gemini & Scorpio's Events Announcements

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14 February
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We are Gemini and Scorpio, two creative New York spirits who happen to be the self-made queens of online dating and the masters of offline party throwing.

We are smart, artsy, funky and different, just like the people we are here to meet. We are a killer angel/devil, writer/artist duo that has been navigating the online personals scene for the past two years. We have done them all and have stories to tell about each one. And now we are looking to share our hard-earned knowledge with others. (And to party with them, while we're at it.)

Find out more and get on the list at http://www.geminiandscorpio.com

We have a lot of friends in theater/music/performance/party world. We tend to know exactly what's going down every weekend, and we pass along the word to everyone on our list. If you're bored and can't meet fabulous people in New York City, you're just not looking in the right places!!